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2020 MBTP Symposium - Thursday, May 14th

April 22, 2020

2020 MBTP Symposium - Thursday, May 14th

Picture of Dr. Catherine Drennan, 2020 MBTP Keynote Speaker

The 2020 Molecular Biophysics Training Program Symposium will be held in a virtual format on Thursday, May 14th. Dr. Cathy Drennan from MIT will deliver the keynote address. The agenda for the symposium is as follows:

Session I: Trainer presentations




Just enough: the right level of plastin’s sensitivity to calcium for strong bones.
Dmitri Kudryashov, Elena Kudryashova, Christropher Schwebach, Weili Zheng, Edward Egelman, Matthew Orchard, Harper Smitrh, Lucas Runyan
The Ohio State University


Complementarity of Native MS and CryoEM
Vicki Wysocki
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Session II: Trainee presentations


Towards Solving the Structure of Inner Ear and Synaptic Proteins, Cadherin-23 and Calsyntenins 1-3
Marissa Boyer, Marcos Sotomayor
The Ohio State University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Nanoscale application and measurement of high force using DNA origami nanocalipers
Michael Darcy, Yuchen Wang, Jenny Le, Kyle Crocker, Ralf Bundschuh, Carlos Castro, Michael Poirier
Physics, Ohio State University


short break


Fragment based lead discovery for alternative BET family targeting
Antonia D. Duran, David Aceti, Mark P. Foster
OSBP, OSU Chemistry and Biochemistry


Single nucleotide polymorphisms affect RNA-protein interactions at a distance through modulation of RNA secondary structures
Elan Shatoff, Ralf Bundschuh
Department of Physics


A Comparison of Histo-Chemical and Histo-Magnetic Detection of Iron
Kevin J. Walsh, Stavan Shah, Ping Wei, Sam Oberdick, Dana McTigue, Gunjan Agarwal
The Ohio State University


A theoretical study of polymorphism in VQIVYK fibrils
Jaehoon Yang, Mithila V. Agnihotri, Carol J. Huseby, Jeff Kuret, Sherwin J. Singer
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


lunch break

Session III: Keynote lecture


Shake, Rattle, & Roll: Capturing Snapshots of Ribonucleotide Reductase
Catherine Drennan
Departments of Biology and Chemistry, MIT, and HHMI

Session IV: Poster session


All posters presented at Virtual Poster Session