Picture for agarwal.60

Gunjan Agarwal
Associate Professor

Picture for bell.489

Charles Bell
Associate Professor
Picture of Marissa Boyer,MBTP Trainee Marissa Boyer
Chemistry PhD Program (Marcos...

Picture for bruschweiler.1

Rafael Bruschweiler
Ohio Research Scholar
Picture of Ralf Bundschuh Ralf Bundschuh
Professor, Co-director,...
Picture of Brian Caldwell, MBTP Trainee Brian Caldwell
OSBP (Charles Bell, Advisor)
Picture of Vinnie Cantu, MBTP Trainee Daniel Cantu
Biophysics Graduate Program (Rafael...

Picture for castro.39

Carlos Castro
Associate Professor
Picture of Claire Chandler, MBTP Trainee Claire Chandler
OSBP (Jeff Kuret, Advisor)
Picture of Dr. Krishna Chinthalapudi, Assistant Professor & MBTP Trainer Krishna Chinthalapudi
Assistant Professor

Picture for cowan.2

James Cowan
Newman Professor

Picture for dalbey.1

Ross Dalbey
Picture of Antonia Duran, MBTP Trainee Antonia Duran
Ohio State Biochemistry Program (Mark...

Picture for fishel.7

Richard Fishel

Picture for foster.281

Mark Foster
Picture of Sabat Gonzalez-Serrano Sabat Gonzalez-Serrano
Graduate Student

Picture for hambach.2

Jennifer Hambach
MBTP Program Coordinator
Picture of Joseph Hazel, MBTP Trainee Joseph Hazel
Graduate Student

Picture for heissler.2

Sarah Heissler
Assistant Professor
  • Cell Biology
  • Molecular Medicine

Picture for jaroniec.1

Christopher Jaroniec

Picture for kitzrow.1

Jonathan Kitzrow
OSBP (Karin Musier-Forsyth, Advisor)

Picture for kudryashov.1

Dmitri Kudryashov
Associate Professor

Picture for kural.1

Comert Kural
Assistant Professor
Picture of Jeff Kuret Jeffrey Kuret
Professor, Dept. of Biological...

Picture for langley.54

Allyson Langley
Chemistry PhD Program (Tom Magliery,...

Picture for lindert.1

Steffen Lindert
Assistant Professor
Picture of Diana Lopez Diana Lopez
Graduate Student
Picture of Thomas Magliery Thomas Magliery
Associate Professor

Picture for musier-forsyth.1

Karin Musier-Forsyth
Ohio Eminent Scholar

Picture for nakanishi.9

Kotaro Nakanishi
Assistant Professor
Picture of Collin Nisler, MBTP Trainee Collin Nisler
Biophysics Graduate Program (Marcos...

Picture for poirier.18

Michael Poirier

Picture for ray.29

Will Ray
Assistant Professor

Picture for shafaat.1

Hannah Shafaat
Assistant Professor

Picture for singer.2

Sherwin Singer

Picture for singh.734

Guramrit Singh
Assistant Professor

Picture for sotomayor.8

Marcos Sotomayor
Assistant Professor
Picture of Dr. Li-Chun Tu, Assistant Professor & MBTP Trainer Li-Chun Tu
Assistant Professor
  • Biological Chemistry &...

Picture for turro.1

Claudia Turro
Dow Professor
Picture of Kevin Walsh, MBTP Trainee Kevin Walsh
Biophysics Graduate Program (Gunjan...

Picture for winter.63

Jessica Winter

Picture for wood.750

David Wood

Picture for wu.620

Jian-Qiu Wu
Associate Professor

Picture for wysocki.11

Vicki Wysocki
Ohio Eminent Scholar

Picture for zhong.28

Dongping Zhong
Robert Smith Professor